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About PIGA

PIGA (Precise Intelligent Guide Arm) is a Robotic Tool Positioner for CT guided interventions
Intended use

• CT guided FNA (Fine needle Aspiration) and Needle Biopsy techniques for characterizing tissues

• RF Ablation and other needle based procedures done under CT scan
• For Tumor of the lungs, growth in Liver, Spleen, Pancreas (contrast enhancement during Phases, cannot be determined in Ultrasound) & Bone.

• Many other CT guided percutaneous procedures

Constraints in the current CT Guided FNA/ Needle Biopsy approach

Currently the above mentioned procedures are performed under the guidance of an imaging modality like Ultrasound or CT scanners. The nature of organs like Lungs, Bones and a few structures in Abdomen prohibit the use of Ultrasound for guided procedures. In such scenarios CTscanners are the only options to guide positioning of the Needle.

Currently Most of the CT guided procedures are done using free hand technique and have one of the following constraints
By experience and skill acquired over a long period clinicians/ Radiologists will be comfortable with larger lesions. If the Lesion size smaller, it becomes extremely risky to try freehand technique and only a very few clinicians would attempt to do that.

This is further complicated in case of the lesion being located in a small cavity in the abdomen with limited approach or locations where angulated approach is required or Lesions with adjoining blood vessels / other Critical organs.
In many cases, multiple insertions are required to reach the exact location of the lesion with repeated CT scans.
Alternatively CT Fluoroscopy is used to accurate positioning of the needle which has the following Constraints

Patient / Clinician is subjected to continuous radiation during the procedure which can be
harmful. Infact FDA has already issued warnings in using Fluoroscopy for guided
Procedures due to the risks with increased exposure.

Continuous CT fluoroscopy procedures load the CT tubes heavily and can have impact on the life of CT tube.

How can PIGA improve this situation?

PIGA removes all the constraints mentioned above because of the following reasons:

It works without CT Fluoroscopy. Normal DICOM output from the CT scanner is enough for this product. It is compatible with all DICOM CT scanners
Patient / Clinician are subjected to continuous radiation during the procedure which can be harmful.

It is designed for ensuring consistent accuracy, irrespective of the size and location of the Lesion.

It enables the clinician to perform procedures on complicated lesions with minimum attempts and check scans thereby reducing pain to the patient.

It enables the planning of entire procedure before hand so that the clinician can achieve excellent results with consistency and ensuring highest degree of patient safety.

PIGA is completely designed, developed and manufactured in India for global markets and hence complies with the required safety standards like IEC and UL (USA).

PIGA can add tremendous value to the Radiologists by giving them absolute confidence to deal with early stage / complex tumors and also benefit lots of patients with such tumors in the Thorax /abdomen by reducing radiation and pain.

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