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Portable Transportation Box with Battery Backup of capacity from18Lts. to 106Lts. with temperature of + 10°C to - 18°C with Digital Temp. Read out Eutectic cooling is ideal for long-term, temperature controlled transport of high-quality products without external power supply (e.g. in Ambulances). Prior to transportation, the box is pre-cooled on the mains to achieve the factory preset fixed temperature. Cooling then works without power supply. The temperature is reliably maintained up to 08 hours (at ambient temperatures up to +30°C.)

Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory Refrigerators
  • Temperature is controlled by two sensor located in the liquid-loaded monitor bottles
  • Two thermistors sensors for constantly monitoring the temperature in both the upper and lower  part of chamber
  • Microprocessor control ensure the most accurate temperature control available.
    Multi air-flow plenum system ensures excellent temperature uniformly in larger
     capacity models
  • Temperature maintained defrost designed with thermal sensors and heaters on
     the evaporator all under precise microprocessor control.

    Temperature Variations Prevented
  • The KBS series is designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent
    door openings.
  • Separated transparent inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during
    door openings
  • Foamed -in - place insulation in the walls with double-panel glass window
    prevent chamber air leakage and promote complete air closings.
  • Large air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door openings

    User Friendly Design
  • Flourescent interior lamp with ON/OFF switch and large view window and a
    large view window in the outer door provide a clear view of stored items.
  • Digital display is easy to see, and is calibrated through the control panel
  • Easy access front control panel
    Alarm and safety functions
  • To ensure the safety of precious blood supply, following safety functions.
  • Seven System failure alarms (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm,sensors failure alarm, door-opening alarm, electricity failure alarm,low back-up battery alarm, low voltage alarm)
  • Re-activating buzzer, lamp and remote alarm contact(30 min buzzer stops)
  • Seven days ink less circular chart recorder with printer (optional)

    Environmentally Friendly
    KBS series refrigerators feature commercially available HCFC-free refrigerants
    and HCFC - free insulation.
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